Steve & Alexandra Leal

Choosing a contractor to build your home is a challenging decision, we chose Pacific Coast Construction to build ours.  We saw the pride that Jeff and Renee put in their homes, which made the choice easy… I am writing this 9 years after our purchase to share my experience and recommend Jeff and Renee at Pacific Coast Construction.  The house was completed on time and well exceeded our expectations, which was a great start.  Many years later we found a construction error well past any expected warranty, so I simply gave them a call to ask about this.  Within 24 hours they had a professional onsite, and they committed to stand behind their work and fix the mistake made by a subcontractor.  In the past 20 years of dealing with companies, I have never had an experience that brought the best overall value.  Quality, Pride, Workmanship, with Commitment to the Customer make Pacific Coast Construction right choice.



Rick & Debi Burk – Kennewick

We loved watching as Jeff and Renee Kruger constructed our new custom home in Kennewick and spent a lot of time there during the construction.  Along with us, several of our friends and relatives commented on the ease, speed and efficiency that went into it. The home is on a somewhat larger lot in a new neighborhood in Kennewick.  There are more than a few new homes, being built by various builders in our area. With that, comes several of what we began to call “drive by’s” (folks looking for new homes). As our home began to take shape, some stopped, looked, and inquired as to the process we used to select the lots and builder. Many lamented stories to us of previous issues with previous builders that they (and we) preferred not to happen again. Then the proverbial question was always asked, “Who is your builder and what do you think of them”. Our answer was always quick simple and cheerful. “Jeff & Renee Kruger, their company is Pacific Coast Construction Group! Want their number”!  Most couldn’t believe how pleased we were with our builder and with their team of professionals building our home. But with a quick tour of our new home, it was very easy to convince them.

We had considered upgrading and adding on to our previous home to include the features we wanted but, always came up with needing or wanting something else. It was a major expense to get from where we were to where we wanted to be. We soon realized that, we could have a custom home built, that had all of the features we wanted, already in it, for what we then thought to be, “just a little more”.

So we set about finding the lot, selecting “the house” and then finding a builder.  With “the perfect lot” selected and purchased, and a house design we had in mind, we then went about selling our existing home and finding our builder. We ourselves became “drive by’s” and interviewed several owners and builders along with it. Lots of stories were told and listened to. There were some good, some not and more than enough “surprises and sticker shock” to go around. It was our Windermere Agent that suggested we talk with Jeff and Renee at Pacific Coast Construction Group. It was at our first meeting that we learned we could have the exact home we wanted for a lot less than we expected. Jeff and Renee obviously LOVE building homes they helped out with plans, preferences, colors and fixtures. Many good suggestions were made but they always made sure we knew this was “our home” and we could have what we wanted in it. This made the process fun for all of us. Although she will blush a bit, we urge you to take advantage of Renee’s keen eye on color and fixture coordination and Jeff’s experience as a get it done and know how to do it guy.

We have been enjoying our home for a few months and are still impressed with how it looks and how well things went from start to finish. There were no open items when we moved in and all of the detail we had envisioned in the beginning is included.

When you select Pacific Coast as your builder, don’t look for any surprises at the end. Just look for a good experience from start to stop, lot’s of communication about everything, and an on-time schedule and budget.



Johnna Christensen and Roni Wiessman

We have recently moved into our new vacation home and are thrilled with it. It is a beautiful place and the process could not have been easier. Renee Kruger made each step simple and carefree for us and we have ended up with much more than we expected. We chose the floor plan for its lack of wasted space, and now that we are in it, we’ve come to appreciate the attention to detail and layout even more. The cabin feels roomy and is filled with light. There is ample storage and all the conveniences we could want, and the trim details make it lovely. We had just the right amount of input into the process–without having to worry about permits or construction details or city contacts, we had lots of say over colors and finish and were able to add details that fit our family. All of the fun parts and none of the headaches! The cabin was finished quickly and well, and Renee kept us informed about each stage of the project and was quick to answer any and all questions we had. As we sit in the Ocean Shores sunshine on our new deck, listening to the distant roar of the waves, we are very happy with the home the Krugers have built for us.



Hans Loback, Everett, WA

My wife and I have owned a lot in Ocean Shores for many years. Although we’ve always wanted to build a vacation home on it, we were hesitant to get started because of fears over surprise expenses and concerns about working with a contractor.

One day while visiting Ocean Shores, we noticed a house being built within a few blocks of our lot. We absolutely loved the floor plan and quality of construction, so despite our fears and concerns, we decided to contact the builder and request a quote.

The process was so easy! Renee and Jeff from Pacific Coast Construction were extremely responsive, honest, and professional. They answered all of our questions about floor plans, construction process, cost, and timeline. We didn’t want any surprises. We desired a turnkey home at a fixed cost that we knew we could afford. That’s exactly what Pacific Coast Construction delivered! The entire process took less than 4 months and was completed at the agreed price.

We love our new home! The construction quality is excellent and the finish work is beautiful. Thank you for building our dream vacation home!


Claudia and Gary Taber, Snohomish, WA

In a recent conversation about the building of our new Ocean Shores house, a friend asked us in a contemptuous manner “And what about your builder?” He was taken aback when I said “The builders were great! I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.” He couldn’t believe that we were pleased with our builder and with the construction process. Not only have we been pleased, but we enthusiastically and without hesitation recommend Renee and Jeff Kruger and the Pacific Coast Construction Group to anyone interested in getting a vacation home in Ocean Shores, WA. Likewise, we have nothing but the highest praise for Dave Granlund in the Ocean Shores office of Windermere Real Estate who worked closely with the Krugers to turn our dreams into reality.

When we first began to consider a vacation home in Ocean Shores, we assumed that we would purchase an existing house. Working with Dave Granlund, we looked at a variety of existing properties before realizing that we could have a house custom built by the Pacific Coast Construction Group. Just imagine how pleased we were: a brand new vacation home built to our specifications for less than the cost of an existing house that had been built to someone else’s tastes and that probably needed upgrading and renovating. We quickly shifted our search for a suitable lot and to talking specifics with Renee Kruger. Dave and Renee collaborated with us to purchase a lot that we liked and to adapt one of the existing spec plans to meet our preferences and to take maximum advantage of the property we selected.

We were immediately impressed by the positive and prompt communications that developed between the Pacific Coast Construction Group and us. Renee quickly and clearly responded to all of our questions–and there were many. She guided us through the design of the house and made many creative and valuable suggestions. Throughout the entire design and construction process, we always felt that Renee and Jeff Kruger, and Dave Granlund, and the various members of the construction crew were working together to build us a superior vacation home. We were never made to feel that any of our questions or requests were too naive, outlandish, or foolish. Renee always responded promptly and provided us with enough information to enable us to make informed decisions as the house was being built. As a result, throughout the construction process, we felt that we were working with friends and colleagues who were devoted to building us a great vacation house.

Now that we have been in possession of our Ocean Shores vacation home, we are proud of our house and convinced that we made the right decision to select the Pacific Coast Construction Group to build it. From Dave Granlund to Renee and Jeff Kruger to the construction crew, we believe that we worked together so that we now have a superior vacation house that meets and exceeds our expectations. We thank them all for the care they took in designing and building our house and we certainly recommend them to anyone who is considering a vacation home in Ocean Shores.



John and Ann, Seattle, WA

It has been a very enjoyable experience working with Renee and her construction crew. Everyone was helpful in taking our stock plan and making it our own. Any bumps along the way were taken care of immediately and the price and timeline schedules were adhered to with no surprises. We love our new beach house.



Carol Clarke and Thomas Wingard, Olympia, WA

We are enjoying our new cabin very much. We really love everything about it. Thanks so much for the attention and etail of our home. I would recommend you to other persons who would like to build. If we decide to add a garage to our home we certainly will call you.



Tony Canta and Rob Eagle, Seattle, WA

We have owned our beach house for just a little over one year. Before purchasing this beautiful home, built by the Krugers, we looked high and low. We saw some very nice looking buildings but nothing compares to what we purchased from the Krugers. The house is of very fine quality, very sturdy construction, and unique design. In fact I was in the house during a nasty storm with winds measured at 73 mph. Like a strong little ship our beach house withstood the drama of that November storm. The structure is strong and reliable, built to last and enjoy for a very long time. Doing business with the Krugers has been a pleasure. Most of our contact has been with Renee. When we call Renee with questions she is extremely attentive, caring, kind and efficient. We highly recommend that the Krugers build you your dream home.



Don and Kathy Redd, Ocean Shores, Washington

We’ve been in our new home in Ocean Shores for about a month now. We are still finding the extra touches our builders, Renee and Jeff Kruger, put into their homes. There is nothing chintzy here. Everything is heavy duty and well made. Beautiful counter tops, deep sinks and tub, name brand appliances, decorative doors, drawers that close themselves, upscale lighting etc. etc. All this at no extra cost. We HIGHLY recommend them.